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Prakruti: Your Constitution

Your unique Ayurvedic blueprint can shed some light on your innate strengths and weaknesses.

Your prakruti, or your constitution, is your natural state of doshic balance, which is determined by the state of your parents’ doshas at the time you were conceived. We all have all three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—functioning in our bodies at all times, in different proportions. The natural and healthy expression of these doshas is your prakruti. Your prakruti is as unique as your fingerprint, but there are 7 general combinations:

vata predominant
pitta predominant
kapha predominant
vata-pitta predominant
pitta-kapha predominant
vata-kapha predominant
vata-pitta-kapha or tridoshic

Your prakruti remains constant throughout your lifetime, with few exceptions. The majority of people have one or two doshas predominant, but in rare cases a person may have all three doshas in equal quantity.

Characteristics of Vata Individuals

Vata-predominant individuals tend to have a thin body frame, and may be tall or short with dry, frizzy hair and beady eyes. They generally have an active imagination which leads them to be very artistic, creative, and intuitive. Because of the mobile quality of vata, vata-predominant individuals tend to be restless. They often move a lot and love traveling. The downside is that vata individuals are prone to fear, anxiety, and loneliness.

Characteristics of Pitta Individuals

Pitta-predominant individuals tend to have a medium body frame or an athletic build, with fine or thin hair and penetrating eyes. They generally have a sharp intellect and are very achievement-oriented. They tend to be athletes, academics, teachers, doctors, lawyers, or politicians. They can sometimes become overly competitive and tend toward perfectionism, criticism, and judgement.

Characteristics of Kapha Individuals

Kapha-predominant individuals tend to have a large body frame, smooth skin, thick hair, and big eyes. They are very devoted and loyal, and have a loving and compassionate nature. They tend to be good caretakers and laborers. Because of the heavy and stable qualities of kapha, they can develop deep attachment which can lead to stubbornness and greed.

If your constitution includes a combination of doshas, you may have a mix of the characteristics of each dosha. The most accurate way to determine your prakruti is to have an experienced ayurvedic practitioner read your radial pulse.


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