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Pitta Dosha: The Principle of Transformation

We all have all three doshas, because all three doshas are required for the maintenance of life. However, one or two doshas are usually predominant in a person's constitution (prakruti).

When your doshas are balanced, their positive characteristics are enhanced. But imbalances of the doshas lead to symptoms.

Pitta dosha is the principle of transformation. Pitta describes the functions of fire and water elements, which governs all bodily metabolic processes, from our gut to our cells. We can identify pitta through its qualities of being hot, sharp, oily, light, fleshy-smelling, spreading, and liquid.

When we boil water, it becomes vapor, changing form. Similarly, Pitta transforms everything we take in: from the food we consume, to the information and experiences we process. Pitta transforms food into the cells of our body, information into intelligence, and experience into wisdom.

The functions of pitta include:

  • transformation

  • metabolism

  • digestion

  • absorption

  • assimilation

  • maintenance of body temperature

  • appetite

  • thirst

  • coloration

  • visual perception

If there’s a disturbance in any of these bodily functions, pitta is out of balance.

Because of its fiery qualities, pitta dosha often expresses itself through fiery emotions such as anger, irritablity, aggression, rage, and competitiveness.

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